Gnome Sane?

Gnome Sane?

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  • Devo's first album since dropping the group name Sudden Death which he used for far too long
  • Contains the hit songs from The Dr. Demento Show "Platform Wars," "I Hate Mondays," and "Nothin' But a Geek Thang"
  • Features guest appearances by nerdcore superstars MC Lars, Dual Core, and YTCracker
  • Includes the zombie rap written for Mur Lafferty's podcast The Takeover

Track List

Hello, I'm a Mac

After Apple started running their famous "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ads Devo thought it would be funny to let the two square off in a rap battle.  Devo, being a Macintosh user, took the side of the Mac, and he recruited the great Luke Ski to be the PC. The resulting song was a huge hit on The Dr. Demento Show, ending up the 4th most requested song of 2009.  This song also features an appearance by int0x80 of Dual Core as the Linux box. 

The Dumbest Song on Rock Band

Devo was playing Rock Band with some friends and ended up playing "So Whatcha Want" by The Beastie Boys, which has one of the most boring basslines in Rock Band history.  His friend, who was playing bass, shouted "this is the dumbest song I've ever played!" Devo took that as a challenge to see if he could write a dumber song. This was the result.  Attempts were made to get this song on the Rock Band Network. Harmonix was fine with the song. Unfortunately the company who was authoring the song for Rock Band took far too long and eventually shut down before finishing and submitting the song.

Writing a Song on Twitter

One day at work while Devo was exceptionally bored he decided to chronicle his day on Twitter in quatrain form.  At the end of the day he gathered up all his tweets and put them together into this song. Everything in this song is true.

The Zombie Podcast

Author Mur Lafferty (Six Wakes, The Shambling Guide to New York City, Solo: A Star Wars Story Novelization) produced a podcast early in her career called The Takeover, which follows a web developer whose company gets bought out by a zombie staffing company.  Lafferty commissioned a zombie rap from Devo Spice to use in the podcast. The result was "Brain Food."

Songs Not Written by Weird Al

In the days of Napster and other file sharing services any song that was funny—especially if it was a parody—was invariably misattributed to "Weird Al" Yankovic; as if he is the only person who has ever done parodies.  Devo's song "Weird Al Didn't Write This Song" deals with this topic and was written for the fan-produced Weird Al tribute album Twenty-Six and a Half. While none of Devo's songs were ever popular enough to be misattributed to Weird Al, his old song "Inner Voice" was misattributed to Adam Sandler on multiple occasions.