I Am The Doctor
I Am The Doctor
I Am The Doctor
I Am The Doctor

I Am The Doctor

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  • A Doctor Who concept album produced to celebrate the show's 50th anniversary
  • Features one song per incarnation of The Doctor up through Matt Smith, plus the title track
  • With appearances by actors from the original series!
  • Features a lenticular album cover with three graphics to simulate the show's intro

Track List

For Hardcore Fans

Devo Spice discovered Doctor Who by accident when he was 10 years old and became an instant fan, attending conventions and doing his own artwork based on the show.  (In fact, the first oil painting Devo ever did was of a dalek.) Devo suffered through the "hiatus" after Colin Baker was fired, the official end of the show in 1989, and the FOX TV movie in 1995 before the show finally came back and turned into the awesome new version it is today.  So in 2013, when the show celebrated its 50th anniversary, Devo decided to celebrate by producing a concept album that features one song per incarnation of The Doctor. This was the result.

Actors from The Original Show

Devo was performing at a convention where Sylvester McCoy (the 7th Doctor) was scheduled to be a guest.  Sylvester plays the spoons and the convention contacted Devo to see if he'd be willing to perform with Sylvester during Opening Ceremonies.  This lit the spark inside Devo's head that if this performance could be recorded he could have an actual Doctor on one of his songs. Unfortunately Sylvester had to cancel at the last minute, but he was replaced by Peter Davison (the 5th Doctor).  Devo made arrangements with the con to perform a song during Opening Ceremonies and Peter agreed to do a spoken bit at the end. That performance was recorded and used on the 5th Doctor's song "Companion Application." Once Peter's cameo was secured Devo approached other actors from the show and managed to get a couple more involved.  Katy Manning, who played the companion Jo Grant opposite the 3rd Doctor, sings the chorus on the 3rd Doctor song "Carnival of Monsters." And Sophie Aldred, who played the fan-favorite companion Ace opposite the 7th Doctor, appears on the 7th Doctor song "The Regeneration."

Missing Episodes

If you're not a fan of the show you may be surprised to learn that many episodes of the original series are missing.  This is because the BBC had an extremely low budget. They filmed on video tape, made copies for the syndicators, and then re-used the tape, taping over the original recording of the episode.  Additionally, many episodes that were archived were later purged to make room for new shows. It wasn't until the late 1970s when home video came into existence that the BBC realized they had made a mistake, as they couldn't sell or rent videos that didn't exist.  They have been searching for lost episodes ever since and have managed to find many of them. But as of the recording of the 2nd Doctor song "Lost in Time" there remain 97 episodes missing.  This means 26 stories are missing or incomplete, and each missing story's title is mentioned in that song.

The Show's Return

After a failed attempt by FOX to pick up the show (thankfully) the show finally returned in 2005.  It had the same sense of adventure, excitement, and creativity as the original run of the show, but now it also had a budget and good production values.  The show's return was triumphant and while not every episode has been fantastic Devo remains a huge fan of the show to this day. So much so that the door to his basement is painted like the TARDIS.  The song "Bad Wolf," that chronicles the show's return, features singing by Devo's daughter Lauren who was 9 years old at the time of the recording.