The Anarchist's Jokebook
The Anarchist's Jokebook
The Anarchist's Jokebook

The Anarchist's Jokebook

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  • Includes hit songs from The Dr. Demento Show "Spider Verses" (the most requested song of 2019!!!), "Nothin' but Truth," and "Gravity Is Stupid"
  • Also includes the award-winning dick pic song "Just for You"
  • Features three Stupid Rap Battles, including things like mayonnaise, a frying pan, and the state of Florida doing battle old school style
  • Includes 18 bonus tracks, plus two additional albums full of artist's commentary
  • Plus Devo Spice's latest Doctor Who song—"The Promised Land"—about Peter Capaldi's run as The Doctor

Track List

The Lowdown

When Shoebox of the comedy band Worm Quartet posted to Devo Spice's Facebook wall "Your name is now Dinky McDiddlyboots.  I apologize for any inconvenience," Devo wrote a song about it.

When rapper B.o.B posted conspiratorial nonsense on his Twitter feed about the earth being flat Devo parodied B.o.B's song "Nothin' on You" about conspiracy theories. 

And when Into the Spider-Verse turned out to be one of the best movies ever made (yes it is, I will fight you) Devo Spice decided to team up with a slew of other artists to do a big group jam about it.  That song is currently on pace to be the most requested song of 2019 on Dr. Demento.

All of these songs and more are included on The Anarchist's Jokebook, a collection of 16 comedy-rap tracks for the discerning comedy-rap fan.

The Stupid

This album contains several songs with the word "stupid" in the title as Devo Spice has started a new series of songs called Stupid Rap Battles, where two of the dumbest things Devo can think of square off on record.  This includes a frying pan squaring off against the state of Florida, a bag of Cheetos that got stuck in the vending machine going after the second L in the Hollywood sign, and a club-size container of mayonnaise attacking a cheap Gillbert Gottfried impression.

But that's not all.  Devo also continues his Ridiculous Raps project on this record by soliciting the ridiculous topics for songs from his fans.  Cliff B of the nerdcore rap duo 2d6 suggested "Gravity Is Stupid" and the resulting song made Dr. Demento's monthly Top 10 countdown in May of 2017.

The Doctor

Devo Spice's Doctor Who concept album I Am The Doctor was released just as Matt Smith was finishing up his run as The Doctor.  So on this album Devo continued his one-song-per-Doctor project with "The Promised Land," his song about Peter Capaldi's reign as The Doctor.

The Demogorgon

And for fans of Stranger Things, Devo did a song that was meant to sound like it was recorded in 1983 along with season one of the popular Netflix series.  As such it is ridiculously long, has far too many hand clapping sounds, and retells the story of season one in classic early 80s rap style.

The Dick Pic Song

And the album closes out with Devo Spice's song about dick pics, "Just for You."  This song won the Logan Whitehurst Memorial Award for Excellence in Comedy Music's award for Outstanding Original Comedy Song in 2018, which means both Devo Spice and Shoebox of Worm Quartet have each won Logan Awards for songs about their penises.