Fatal Accident Zone
Fatal Accident Zone

Fatal Accident Zone

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  • Includes the hits from The Dr. Demento Show "Star Trek Life," "Dead Rappers," and "Road Ragin'."
  • CD features a multimedia bonus section with three additional tracks, including "Peter Parker" by The Great Luke Ski
  • Features guest appearances by The Great Luke Ski and Hot Waffles

The Sign

Yes, that's a real sign, or at least it was.  It was a major landmark in Jefferson Township, New Jersey, and the first time Devo Spice drove past it he decided it was going on the cover of the next Sudden Death album.

The sign on the back cover was outside Devo's place of employment from 2000-2004.  He just found it amusing that the Designated Smoking Area was inside a fire zone.

The inside of the booklet features other street signs from around Devo's area of New Jersey, including Wits End and Breakneck Rd.